Thursday, July 24, 2008

Autoanal Sex

I'd like to take a moment to respond to the questions that Jeeves responded to in the inaugural post.

Is ejaculating in the anus safe?

Is ejaculating in the anus fun?

Well, my on-again-off-again swinger exboyfriend boytoy Henry Pattywhack has a very long Fibonacci penis. I call it a Fibonacci penis because it forms a perfect Fibonacci spiral when erect. Due to its length and curvature, Henry can easily manuver his penis soas to penetrate his own anus. As a hypersexual bisexual, this makes masturbation particularly sexual for Henry.

He informs me, however, that he tries to never ejaculate in this position. His penis immediately goes flaccid upon ejaculation - boner to flerg in 0 seconds flat. Also, although his erections can reach up to 28 inches, his flaccid penis is lucky to reach 2 inches. After ejactulating in his anis, his mushroom tip can become trapped in his anus, causing his flerg to be painfully stretched until he achieves another boner (usually 10-15 seconds). Thus, for autoanal sex at least, ejaculating in the anus is neither safe, nor fun.


Anonymous said...

28 inches ? i don't believe that :D !

Anonymous said...

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I started many years ago by streching my dick backward and event ask my exgirl friend to help me streech my dick backward.....dialy enema....good lubrication and bingo...i am in love with myself....i love meeeee sssoooo mouuuuchhhhh

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